Child Seats

No matter where your journey leads you, take your children along with the proper child seat. With a child seat, your child can safely enjoy the ride with you and experience the thrill of wind on their face. There are three versions of child seats, either being installed along the handlebars, the cross struts or on the seat post. Installation of the child seat to the seat post offers the best solution to the driver giving better control over the handling of the front wheel. Here, children are better protected from harsh wind and seated more safely in the event of an accident. On a more exciting note, a child seat mounted on the crossbar or handlebar allows the child to sit in front of the driver with an unobstructed view of the road. With this design the adult can always have their child in view, however there is a higher risk associated with this design because of possible difficulties while steering. Whichever design you choose be sure that your small passenger is always kept safely and securely fastened with a reliable seat belt, foot rests and helmet. Approved child seats have a TÜV seal. Everything considered? Now go find your perfect child seat at Taylor Wheels.

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